An Epiphany


I love words. I believe how you say something is important. Digging for deeper meanings, pairing words together, and the verbiage that is used are all exciting for me. It is an odd love, but it’s mine.

A friend and I were texting about blog names a while ago. I was stuck and just throwing out what ever I could think of. She jokingly said “Tiffany had an epiphany”. Of course I laughed and honestly loved it right off the bat, even if it was a joke. But then I dug into what an epiphany is. Joke or no joke, the word was perfect. I had an epiphany. Epiphany is the result of significant work on the part of the discoverer, and is only the satisfying result of a long process. Wow. Epiphany’s are not something that just pops up out of the blue. It’s something we have to dig into, fight for, and just when we think there isn’t an answer then we are blown away but what has transpired. That is an epiphany. That is was has happen to me.

This past year has been a journey. It has been the most physically, mentally, and spiritually stretching season of my life. I’ve changed my diet, found joy in running and yoga. Pushed past my fears of failure, past the excuses, and in to a sweet place. My body has ached, my heart has been hurt and healed, and my soul has just wanted more. I’ve pushed past insecurities, past pain, and found one amazing thing…

God is there.

I didn’t realize how much of my past story felt like God wasn’t there.  Looking back on my life I had my pre-Jesus life and post-Jesus life. How wrong was I! Just because I didn’t know God, doesn’t mean God didn’t know me. It has taken a lot of tears on my yoga mat and weepy runs for me to break through to this truth. HE was always there. He knows my past because He walked through it with me. He knows my future because He holds that in His hands. Yes, there has been pain and there will be pain, but there is also the promise of His peace.

Remember epiphany, how I said that word was perfect? In Christianity, the Epiphany refers to a realization that Christ is the son of God. A religious epiphany is a term used when a person realizes his faith. My epiphany has brought me full circle. Realizing that God’s love covers it all and I have faith that is so much deeper then I knew.

I just never thought I would find a stronger faith by strapping on my running shoes.

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