Once Again


I know nothin’ stays the same
But if you’re willin’ to play the game
It will be comin’ around again. ~ Carly Simon

It always amazes me how quickly life can change. Literally a blink of an eye, or in our case the turn of a screw. Let me back up for a minute. A few weeks ago, after a trip to visit family I came home and started putting together our daughters new bed. Her room was finally starting to pull together beautifully. The first room we have ever fully finished. Really, we are super gun shy about setting up our home. After more moves then I can count, the thought of setting up a room brings out fears of moving again and never feeling settled. We call it the crib curse, we set up a nursery/crib = we move.

As I was screwing in the last screw in the bottom of her new bed, the hubby calls. A quick hey, Im on my way home conversation turned into news of promotions and relocation. Yes, relocation. Go figure.

We’re shifting gears, going from setting up our current home preparing to root in for a while, to moving again. Moving back to Charlotte NC, for the 3rd time. This will be the 3rd time we have done the Charleston SC to Charlotte NC move in our 9 years together. Can I tell you I freaked out a bit. It’s hard moving. Packing up and leaving everything we have here. Our friends, business, church, community, all will keep moving on with out us.

It’s terrifying for me to think about moving out of the comfort and routine I have here.

The funny thing, God knew this was coming around again. He has already placed in my life community and support in our future home. Not just any community, but a community that already knows my heart, shares my goals, and understands what I am working towards in my life. God truly is running in front of us, planning this all out beautifully.

So once again Charlotte we will call you home.

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