The Stretching Place

The Stretching Place

In yoga after a good stretching posture you go into a rest posture and let the stretch set. You let the body take in what you just did, you rest, breathe deep, meditate on what God is doing in your live, you feel where the stretch was, and you sink into the change you just created.

Truth, I hate this part of a sequence. I want to go to the next posture. I want to push and see how far I can take my body. I need to see how far I have grown, constantly in forward motion competing with my past self and pushing towards the future.  I struggle to see the need for rest. With so much to do, so much to accomplish why rest? My fill in the boxes, check list mentality gets the best of me. Failure starts to creep in, my heart starts to get heavy and joy is harder to fine. I break. Every single time. I break. I suddenly start clawing at everything I can, trying to “do” my way out of rest.

The other day I sent out a SOS. I was failing, failing at keeping up with everything I needed to do at a day, failing to find any sense of joy, failing to even breathe. I was breaking, quickly.

“You are NOT failing. You are right where God wants you to be – vulnerable and at the end of yourself.”

Such a simple reply, but a huge truth! I was at the end of my self, and I didn’t like it. The space where I no longer can control. Where forward motion doesn’t rely on my abilities. That is where rest lies, that is where the growth lies. At the end of myself is where I can do no more, only God can keep on. The resting place after the stretching place is where God is creating something new. Rest is defined as; allow to be inactive in order to regain strength, health, or energy. God needs us to get out of the way to make something new, to heal something old, or to breathe new life into us. God will take us not only through the stretching, but straight into the healing. Don’t rush it. Im waving the white flag, Im going to take some time and sit. Will you sit with me and rest. Take sometime in the silence, breath deep, and let God fill us back up?

Want to rest with me? These are my favorite rest songs. I’ll be sitting in child’s pose soaking all this in.

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