A few years ago I had a really hard time. I was struggling with finding my place, my identity in this world. I think most moms go through it, wondering if they have a label more then MOM. Actually I think all of us go through this unsettling feeling of wondering if there is more to me then, fill in the blank. More to me then a mom, a dad, a 9-5er, a blogger, a what ever you.  I struggled trying to find my thing, my more then a mom thing that gave me a sense of who I was. I blogged, I ran an etsy shop, volunteered for everything, tried to be the perfect mom and wife. I listened to all the amazing people out there that gave me advice on how to grow in all those areas. I worked my tail off and burnt my self out. I realize now I was missing one big step, one big point.

I was already enough.

Me, as just Tiffany; with out being a wife, a mother, a blogger, an essential oil teacher, with out any other title, I was enough just being me because of Jesus.

Where all the things I was trying to do good things? Yes! There is nothing wrong with working hard to better your self in areas, but when you forget you are already loved just because you are a child of God, your trying to building on un-solid ground. We all know un-solid ground sinks.

Take Matthew 7:24-27 where Jesus says, “Everyone then who hears these words of mine and does them will be like a wise man who built his house on the rock.” So many times we read that as; act how I tell you to act and your life will be good and solid. What if its more then that, what if its remembering not only how to love others and God, but what if it is remembering who He said we are?

Jesus spoke a lot about who we are. That we are his children, we are the branch and he is the vine, we are accepted by Christ. It doesn’t say, we are accepted by Christ when our business cards have awesome titles. It doesn’t say, I have been set free in Christ when I start to do more then take care of my kids and home all day. It doesn’t say, I will get a place in heaven when I can do it all.

You are enough. Right now, in your pjs at 4 o’clock.

You are enough, with spit up on your shirt and a cold cup of coffee in the microwave; from yesterday.

You, sitting at a cubical starring at the clock, you are enough. You have been made complete in Jesus, because He did all the work. You can not mess that up or make that better, all you can do is take a deep breath and thank God that He loved you so much that He gave you Jesus. He made you enough.

That you can build on.

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