Dear exhausted you

Dear you,

I need you to breathe, to stop just for a few minutes and listen. Really listen. Not skimming the page looking for a 145 character quote, but really listen. Stop the spinning to do list because this is more important. You have been bouncing from busy to breaking for far too long. Your soul gets filled up and wrung out beyond capacity far to quickly, far to often, far too much. See you’re forgetting something. Something big.

You need to stop.
Not everything on your week long to-do list, not your life, or your schedule, or your hustle. But you need to stop thinking you can do it all out of your own power. Stop thinking that you are getting filled, stop pushing your soul too far. You keep filling your tank with five dollars worth of pop preaching, then you wonder why you can’t go the distance on your emptied heart.

Your soul needs space.
Dry shampoo only gets you so far before you need to shower. You need to stand in the heat letting the water run over you. Washing away the heaviness of this modern life. The easy spray on band aids of pretty instagram post and silly memes can’t give your life more volume. You need filled with more then quizzes telling you who you are.

You are more.
You are more than your accomplishments and failures. You are more than what you think you or what others think about you. The voices become louder and louder till they fill your soul with everything but the truth. Like ripping out sheets of checklist, you don’t give your self time to even sit in those lines of hope.  You are beloved, significant, valued, cherished. You are worth fighting for, to go after, and dying for. But you forget who you are.

Your soul needs care.
The little moments where your heart can exhale. Where a breath in is filled with joy and truth, where you hold it in for a few moments letting it swirl through your soul. Those soul-care moment feed your drive letting you open your arms to all life has in store without ever forgetting the parts of you that need to be filled.

You have permission to stop.
You have permission to set aside time to breathe.
You have permission to feed your soul.

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