Rest and an ebook


Last summer was hard, like running around not being able to breathe, kind of hard. I felt like I couldn’t catch my breath. It took me a while to realize I was running not just on empty but on crazy. I was so busy with to do list, goals and life changes that I didn’t realize I was running on empty. I no longer valued rest.

Thankfully it was right around the same time I got to do one of my favorite things, teach holy yoga at Draw Near Retreat. It is always the most amazing time and one of my favorite get to’s. The thing that I felt like God was pouring into my heart over and over was to rest with intention. There’s a difference between resting and resting with intention. Rest can so easily be taken as sitting in front of a tv, but resting with the intention of hearing from God is a totally different kind of rest. That kind of rest is a rest that is filling you back up, that connects you back to the source of life. That kind of rest keeps you going. That’s the kind of rest I needed. That’s the kind of rest that we all need.

That is were the ebook Restful Intentions comes from. A broken, exhausted place in desperate need to be filled back up. Maybe that is where you are now, in need of a soul break. A deep breathe out of stress and a deep breathe in of peace.

Check out the Books tab for the Restful Intentions ebook with podcast.

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