Fourth of July Fun for kids


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We sat down last week and started dreaming up fun for the kids for the 4th! Since we started homeschooling in January every holiday has turned into a chance for some learning activities. I really wanted to do something fun and easy yet educational without long worksheets or copy work! Cause, it is summer y’all!

Firework painting was the perfect fit!
We have made firework tee shirts since the boys were super little but this year I was vetoed! Yup, we have officially hit the age where my oldest is very concerned about what he looks like and homemade firework tees just aren’t cool I guess.


I wasn’t going to let go of the tradition if I could help it, so voila, paintings. This is such a fun and easy thing to do. We just pick three colors (more than that turns into a mess fast!) and few toilet paper rolls (which did you know you can buy them? Check out the link here).  We like to do blue, red and yellow. Its fun watching the littlest see the colors mix and make new colors! To make these firework stamps simply cut a little under half way up the roll, then press the cuts flat! These are also great for flowers and snowflakes. Just change up the color of paint. Snowflakes are great with white paint on black or navy paper.

We might have made way too many sheets of fireworks but Guy is super excited to make a lot of paper airplanes with all of our sheets! While they stamped and made explosion noises I read The Story of America’s Birthday and all the kids loved it. It gave way to some great conversation on what “all men are created equal” means!

The next day we did a tea party and read one of my favorite books, Meet Felicity. Yup, American Girls all the way over here! It’s such a fun read and fit well into the Revolutionary War. My boys got into the story with Jiggy Nye, the animal tanner. I have found reading to them while they sipped on their “tea” and having snacks is the best way to keep their attention. It is hard to get my kids to sit down while we read or work on school work but,  if we do things together around a meal they jump right in and I have their attention for so much longer!


There are so many fun ways and activites to do with the Fourth of July! Here are some more links to fun videos and activities for your kids. Even if its past the Fourth, you can still use all these fun activities really bring that time in history alive.

Liberty Kids: The first forth of July.
The Declaration of Independence
4th of July Coloring Sheets
Meet Felicity The Movie
It is a YouTube copy but such a great little movie!


I hope that helps inspire some festive fourth fun for you and your family! I would love to hear how you celebrated the fourth, leave a comment and let me know what fun y’all had!


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4 thoughts on “Fourth of July Fun for kids

  1. Both of my girls would love doing this painting project! And what a good idea to read while they are eating and sitting still for a little haha


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