Amazon Prime Fun

We are a little late to the Amazon Prime game. I just signed up for prime last month… Yup. I know. I can feel some of ya’lls jaw dropped.

People have told me for years how amazing it was, but we just weren’t big shoppers let along online shoppers. Then our kids grew up and ya’ll there are so many things to constantly get them now. From underwear to home school needs, it’s been amazing to just jump online and pick up everything we need.  Here are some of our favorite things we got over the past month!


Ok so there was a lot of books! Gearing up for our first full home school year, speaking engagements, oil classes, and working with our community of business women, I need some good resources covering a wide range!

Teaching From Rest. 
I love this book! It was a simple read but helped my type A over scheduled tendencies take a big deep breath and calmed so many of my fears of homeschooling our kids. I feel like now I can tackle this year without losing my mind! Grab a copy for you or a home school mom in your life here: Teaching from Rest

Preach to Yourself
I AM SO EXCITED for this book to come out! It’s only up for preorder right now. Hayley Morgan is one of my favorite people on the planet. Her heart is so big and she champions other women in such a heartfelt way. I cant wait to read more from her! She cowrote Wild and Free and Always Enough, Never too Much. Which are also great reads! Go preorder the book! Preach to Yourself. 

Echo Dot
Please tell me you have one of these? We were given one last year for Christmas and I honestly didn’t think I would use it that often. Well we use it all the time! From asking Alexa for measurement conversions, to set time out timers, and the occasional child checking to see if the facts I told him was correct, we use our echo dot all the time.
Every morning it sets the tone for the house by simply asking for Alexa to play music. I honestly thing I have more adult conversations with Alexa than anyone else!
Do yourself a favor, get one! Amazon Echo Dot

Holy Hustle & Decomposition Book
My brain has been on fire with ideas and plans. There is something about a new notebook, back to school supplies and August that just brings all the ideas to the surface. It is like my New Year! All the good changes happen this time of the year! To help me not burn out by hustling I read Holy Hustle. Ya’ll!!!! It’s a game changer! It perfectly balances hustle and rest in a way that doesn’t condemn you for working and doesn’t try to force you into taking long baths just to rest. I have already read the book twice and have filled a notebook with notes, ideas, and responses to the books journal questions! I highly recommend it for any women that has more than one plate spinning in her life.
Want to see more of the reviews? Check out Holy Hustle here. Grab a Decomposition Book too! They are by far my favorite ones out there!

Sunrise Alarm Clock
I am not a morning person. I repeat, not a morning person. But everyone else in this house is a get up and hit the ground running by seven kind of person. I know with the amount of things I need to get done in a day I need all the hours. Plus, if my kids hit the ground running before me, wrangling them back to school work is just nearly impossible. I on a whim ordered this sunrise clock after spending a weekend at Amelia Island in Florida. We woke up so early every morning totally refreshed! I realize with all the trees around our home that our room tends to be more a cave! The sunlight doesn’t crack our curtains till well after 8. That’s just not gonna work for us! This lamp is amazing because it slowly gets brighter and brighter till it is the time that your alarm is set. Then there are multiply sound options to make sure you are good and awake! Our mornings have been amazing. I feel more ready and awake for the day than I have ever felt! I cant wait for this winter and how easier mornings are going to be!
Check out all the amazing features: Veholion Therapy Wake Alarm Clock

So why are we talking so much about Amazon today? Because, tomorrow I am teaming up with some amazing ladies for a huge Amazon giveaway! Just simply jump over to my Instagram tomorrow and follow along!







This post contains amazon affiliate links but all the thoughts and love is my own. Thank you for any purchase! 



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