You are Lovely, a free printable

This past weekend I was suppose to teach a workshop on how to identify and move past lies that come into your life after trauma. Yup, big topic huh? Well…….
Then there was this little thing called Hurricane Flo and the event was moved to October (and you can still get tickets for it here).

A few days before we got the call that due to the weather the date was going to be moved, I was chatting with a friend about some of the things that God had been laying on me. It never fails, every single time I get to teach about anything, I have to go through the fire first myself. Honestly, I like it that way. I like that God stretches me through a topic before I share about it. Thats how I know that its from Him and not from my own brain trying to sound right. You know that I mean?

Anyways, a friend and I were talking about lies. It really is so easy to replace a lie, in theory. Kind of like drinking more water, we know why its good and its just taking a sip of water instead of a coke, but it is so hard! So here we were talking about how easy it is yet so hard to make the habit of putting truths in our heart and our mind and I got and idea! Something people could take home with them that they could interact with and easily get pieces of truth in their lives. Something they could even pass on and even give to others when they were struggling too.

Voila, You are Lovely scripture cards. Something easily printable, shareable and most of all free!

Lovely: exquisitely beautiful, very pleasant or enjoyable; delightful.

Thats how You are Lovely cards were born! 21 days of cards with a truth that God says about you. Simple design to make it easy to print at home with the reminder that you are lovely! Simply sign here and get your free pdf!


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