Words and Books

I sat at my kitchen table a few days after Christmas waiting for a word. You know, a “word” that I can run after and base my whole year around. Something to set the tone for this year, to claim, to post on social media (Ya’ll know what I mean). A word.

I got Nope.

Yup. Nope.

Not nothing, I heard a very clear nope. As in nope you aren’t getting a word this year. Why? Cause I needed nope. See last year I got the word Restore, but I added warrior.
Before that I had Steady, but I added movement. See I constantly keep trying to add my own two hands in the mix. Striving to add application to my soul instead of waiting expectantly for whatever God is going to do. Sound familiar?

Oh, am I the only one that gets my hands into the mess?

Trying to shut my brain off and keep my meddling hands busy I picked up a book. Ok a lot of books. Books that didn’t have questions at the end of the chapter, books that told just a story, nothing to make me grow or push me into another stage of healing.

Books I haven’t touched in years.
Books that have been wrecking me in new ways since Christmas.

See I forgot something in my search for healing and growth. Art is Beauty and God created it all. I cased away fiction and stories in place of facts and growth. I hushed the part of my soul that God created for connection and replace the focus to my brain and rationalizing my little healing check boxes.

Now don’t get me wrong, healing is amazing. Growth is so needed and everyone keeps growing through their lives. But I have looked down my nose at fiction as fluff and not beneficial in life. Something stay home moms with no want to move forward in life read for hours curled up on couches as kids napped.

Then I curled up on a couch, and read.

and read.

and read.

This is what I found. First, I need to check my judge-y self more. Second, I found my self being pulled into a story of biblical characters that were suddenly full of life and felt closer than ever! I found characters that were struggling with questions and frustrations over situations that could have been pulled out of my own life, but they got to say out loud the words that I couldn’t find.

I found God, waiting, smiling, saying “see”.

This year is the year of books.

Not self help or whatever you would call a Christian “self help” book. Soul help? Soul growth? Whatever, ya’ll know what I mean.

This is the year of wisdom fiction, biblical fiction, to a new part of the bookstore. The year to give these people from history a face, a beating heart, a connection that I’ve missed for year. This is a year for book grace, for not judging a book by its cover. This is the year to broaden my picks to other shelves but still staying open to what ever else falls into my lap, or on my doorstep where books love to randomly show up.

I am going to keep track of them on Instagram and on the Book tab here on the blog! I have no idea what I am going to read next, and that’s borderline terrifying, but I’m ready.

So here’s to curling up on the couch, putting down the striving, and seeing where the connections go.

But first, anyone have any recommendations cause ya’ll this is a whole new world!

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