Easy Simple Self-Care

Anyone else hear the words self-care and automatically think bubble baths and glasses of wine?
Now I am not against those things, not at all. But life doesn’t really give a lot of time for long bubble baths. If I had a nickel for every time I’ve ended up knocking my wine glass in my bath….

Let’s just say it’s a thing.

As a mom of three that currently has a to-do list that can cause a panic attack, I NEED self-care but I don’t need to clean my tub yet again. I knew there had to be away to get some much needed recharging and still bust through my list.

I started thinking if some time alone in a tub helped my brain work better and I could breathe deeper, what else makes me feel like that?

I picked up my journal and started to brain dump. I wrote out everything that made me feel recharged. Things that made me smile when I thought of doing it, not filling with dread like other things to my todo list.

This list had to be things that didn’t make me panic with fear of dropping the ball, this list had to make me feel alive again.

This list got fun quickly.

Going to Target by myself
Reading a book on the porch in silence
Getting my nails done
Buying a Dr Pepper and drinking it without sharing

See, fun.

Actually what was more fun, was checking items off the list. Every day I tried to do something. One day it might have been to eat lunch on a pretty china plate or climb into bed by 9 and read a book instead of mindlessly searching Netflix for something to watch. Just one thing a day that made me feel like I took care of me.

Self-care is all about taking the time to register where you are. Are you stressed? How can you de-stress? Are you exhausted? How can you recharge?

Its like Anne Lamott says:

“Almost everything will work again if you unplug it for a few minutes,
including you.”

I wanted to make it easy for you to create that self-care list! I created a simple (yet cute) self-care worksheet for you to print and home. Once you have created your list hang it up on your bathroom mirror, by your coffee maker, somewhere you see every day and start working on checking those things off!

You are WORTH taking time to take care of yourself!
Fill out the form below for your Free self-care worksheet.

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2 thoughts on “Easy Simple Self-Care

  1. I love how intentional your self care routine is–this printable is so helpful! It is necessary for every one to make self care a practice.


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