Best Mistake Ever- Instacart Review

The other day I was out of coffee and most of our basic life things. You know; milk, cereal, toilet paper. The things a family needs to run!

After throwing some dry shampoo in my hair, I wrestled shoes on kids and we went to pile up in the car.

My car seats where gone.

Yup, they were taken out of my car and put in my husbands the night before and we all forgot about them.  I could have cried. I actually think I did a little.

Did I mention I still didn’t have coffee?

Thankfully a friend of mine had just told me about this home delivery grocery service and how often she uses it. I quickly sent over a desperate 911 help me text asking her for the information! She promptly told me it was called Instacart and texted a code to get $10 off an order!

I was in.

Setting up the account was so easy, there is even an app! My favorite grocery stores were are on the list! I could set alternative items if the ones I wanted where sold out or pick to just not get that item if they didn’t have it at that time. You get to send personalized messages to your shopper like, I would like one bunch of bananas ripe and ready to eat and another bunch green. (We go through a lot of bananas).  There is even a map that shows you when they will be at your house. The big win for me was, I could order from multiple grocery stores! I could shop the best deals with out having to drag three kids in and out of multiple stores.


Just making sure you saw that.

I quickly put together an order, a rather large order, shopping all the deals and coupons for that week easily! A few hours later they were at my door and my kids were downing snacks quietly and I finally got a good cup of coffee.

This might be a glimpse of heaven.

I am so glad that I forgot about the car seat and ended up using Instacart. We have been using the service for a few months but we have already seen a huge different in our home. There is a yearly fee, I believe was $99. We do tip the shopper also, which can be any amount you want. I tend to do 10%-20% of what my order is.

Even with those two “extra” charges to our budget we have saved money!
Yup, saved money!

Not only are we able to save by shopping deals at different grocery stores and creating our grocery list off the sales for that week but we have saved money, time, and sanity in other ways.

We have cut our going out for dinner and picking up by over half! 
I have never been good with meal planning and way to often forget to get something out of the freezer for dinner. I am not sure how after all these years dinner still sneaks up on me! Which of course leads to call the hubby to ask him to pick up or meet us at a restaurant somewhere.  But now, no matter how busy my day is I can get an order in around 2:00pm and still have everything I need to cook dinner.

It has saved my sanity!
I’m learning more about what makes me feel sane and understanding it’s value. One thing that stresses me out is taking all the kids with me to the grocery store. We currently homeschool all three of our kids and I run two business from home. So stopping the work momentum and getting to the store can throw off our whole day quickly. When you are neck deep in responding to clients and emails, while running flashcards with multiple children pulling the e-brake for a grocery run is just a lot!

I have more time with my husband and family!
I would often run to the store by myself at night or have the hubby pick up groceries after work. That would always cut into our family time. We would often find ourselves eating very very late at night with little time left for family time before we had to go to bed. There was always just a rush every night. It was even worst on soccer practice nights or nights I had events, classes, or meetings! Now dinner is ready early and theres time for board games, reading, or watching a movie together.

Instacart has honestly changed how our family functions.

I want to pass this amazing life changing fun on to you! Click the link below and use the code: TPATE2D0119 to get $10 off your first delivery!

If you could have groceries delivered today, what you would get?

I want groceries delivered to my house! 


This is an honest non paid for review!
This post may contain affiliate links to products that I personally use and/or recommend.

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