A Meat Eater Goes Vegan/Vegetarian: a foodie review of Jyoti’s World Cuisine in Charlotte NC.

As a kid, when I would ask if I could be done with my meal the response from my parents was always “eat all of your meat first”. Veggies were put on our plate for sure but they were secondary to what ever meat was highlighted for the night. Our dinner menus slowly grew to a meat with a side a meat, a carnivores love language for sure. So over the years when my friends wanted to go out to get vegan food, I would side eye them into a different restaurant.

I didn’t eat “dainty food”.
I wanted hearty, filling, meaty.

Then the other day I was asked to come check out a new place in Charlotte! I was game. I love getting to try new places to eat around town and love getting to hang out with other blogger people that totally understand my need to take pictures of everything I eat before I eat it. We are a rare breed for sure, so I was excited.

Then I read the details.

We were going to Jyoti’s World Cuisine.

Ya’ll. I am so plain jane in my normal every day food choices. Like white bread, no pepper, no onions please, kind of plain. I was suddenly terrified that I wouldn’t like anything. But, I decided to try something new and jump in, even it that meant I would end up swinging through a drive through if I had to afterwards.

I jumped it (after taking all the pictures I could of course) and was floored.




In LOVE, with every single thing I ate!

I had jackfruit, avocado, a “Philly”, a “BLT’s”, a “BBQ” sandwich, and my FAVORITE THING EVER the Po Boy! Yes, every single sandwich has a vegan or vegetarian twist on the classics. The Po Boy didn’t have shrimp, it had brilliantly fried shrimp size okra. The most amazing fried okra!

Can I just tell you, I ate okra once about 13 years ago and have sworn it off ever since.

Can I also tell you I woke up this morning craving that Po Boy and wishing I had time to go up there today for lunch! Ok, and for dinner!

Back to dinner…

After being served sandwich after amazing sandwich and washing it down hibiscus mint tea I didn’t think I could eat anymore. But then came the most amazing vegan chocolate lave cake! Then a brownie with coconut ice cream, then avocado mouse, then I really couldn’t eat anymore. I was stuffed, happy, and should have worn pants with an elastic waste band. Because I wanted more!

I’m not planning on going vegan or anything like that! I could never cook anything that came close to that amazing-ness, but I do planning on going back, a lot! Especially for their vegan bakery. I never knew a vegan cake could be so fluffy. It changed my views on everything I thought I knew when it came to vegan food.

I’m planning on eating there often, so who wants to come?
You get the Philly, I’ll get the Po Boy!

Check them out here:
Jyoti’s World Cuisine Website

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