I would have never thought that I would be a story teller. I grew up desperate to keep my story tucked into my pocket where no one would ever see. I didn’t want them to see my struggles, my hurts, my lies. But then something happened. God started chipping away at my heart. He started healing me, bringing me from pain to freedom. Thats when I learned that free’d people free people! There is just something about finding freedom that makes you want to grab someone by the hand and take them along for the ride. I think thats why my very first blog was called At the Well. The story of the women at the well that had all of her junk told to her by Jesus tugged at my heart. I felt like her and had to run and tell everyone else.

It hasn’t been an easy ride. Between struggling with miscarriages, moves (so many moves), mental illness, and trying to figure out how to be a mom of three and still take up the space God has given me, things can be hard.

But, still I share. I share so no one ever feels alone. I share so others can see Gods glory. I share so that I can cheer you on with all the pom-poms and high kicks I can manage, when you share what God is doing in your life too! I truly believe all stories have power to save lives, because God writes the best plots.

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