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A Meat Eater Goes Vegan/Vegetarian: a foodie review of Jyoti’s World Cuisine in Charlotte NC.

I’m not planning on going vegan or anything like that! I could never cook anything that came close to that amazing-ness, but I do planning on going back, a lot! Especially for their vegan bakery. I never knew a vegan cake could be so fluffy. It changed my views on everything I thought I knew when it came to vegan food.

Coffee Scrub DIY

It’s summer, summer, summer, summer time! I am so excited to be out of my fuzzy boots. Now yes, give me until September and I will be wanting them back but for now bring on the sandles, flip flops and cut offs! One thing I’ve been doing lately is working outside on my porch. WeContinue reading “Coffee Scrub DIY”


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Hi, I’m Tiffany. I’m a homeschool momma & founder of Fort Mill Mom Life. I became a mom in 2010 & I knew exactly how to be the perfect mom! Ha! Bless my heart.
Ten years later my kids are still fantastic at constantly teaching me that I don’t know everything. Lessons that I share here with my love of coffee, books, and Amazon.

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