Buy Essential Oils

There are so many options and way to save with doterra.
There are 3 ways to order essential oils.

Retail- pays full price with no perks or savings. Personally I do not think this is the best way to buy oils! Who doesn’t want to save money?

Wholesale Customer- for a $35 membership fee you get 25% off your products (no matter how often you buy!) for a year. Plus shipping rewards, and chances to get free products!

Wellness Advocate- Do you love to share things that you love? Are you the first to tell your friends and family about something that you just love and they have to get it too? Then a Wellness Advocate account is right for you. Wellness Advocate’s get all the perks of a Wholesale Customer but also gets the joy of sharing with their friends and family through parties, classes, and just letting some smell a drop of lavender. If a Wellness Advocate account is something you are excited about, let’s talk!

Now let’s get to the fun stuff! Buying Essential Oils!

Best Kits to get started with:
Simple Solutions Kit
Click image for more information about each of the oils and products in the kit.
Buy Simple Solution Kit Here

We are so excited for you joining our essential oil community! Welcome! Make sure you leaving your email below so we can send you a free ebook!

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