You are Lovely, a free printable

This past weekend I was suppose to teach a workshop on how to identify and move past lies that come into your life after trauma. Yup, big topic huh? Well……. Then there was this little thing called Hurricane Flo and the event was moved to October (and you can still get tickets for it here).Continue reading “You are Lovely, a free printable”

World Suicide Prevention Day.

Today is world suicide prevention day. There are so many thoughts that I just haven’t been able to get out about today. I think about the first time I thought about ending my life. I was nine years old sitting in a tree. I think about how many times I’ve survived my attempts, those IContinue reading “World Suicide Prevention Day.”

Unequipped. Thoughts on being called

He doesn’t call the equipped. He equips the called. How many times have you heard those simple sentences? I know in my life, a ton. With every season of change someone always quips; “God doesn’t call the equipped”….. Honestly. I would slightly roll my eyes and wonder what on earth that even meant in theContinue reading “Unequipped. Thoughts on being called”

Quiet time confessions

Some of my favorite moments are curling up in a big chair in the early mornings with a hot cup of coffee, my bible and journal. In those moments words pour out of my heart and head on to the pages. Writing through verses, prayers and breaking through what God is saying to me hasContinue reading “Quiet time confessions”