Summer Must Haves and Giveaway

Everyone is gearing up for summer break where the days are long and hot, kids are running a mock and mommy’s and daddy’s get a little twitchy. But for us, not much of our day to day changes. Its kind of the joy of homeschooling. My kids still play for hours outside, coming back sweatyContinue reading “Summer Must Haves and Giveaway”

Quiet time confessions

Some of my favorite moments are curling up in a big chair in the early mornings with a hot cup of coffee, my bible and journal. In those moments words pour out of my heart and head on to the pages. Writing through verses, prayers and breaking through what God is saying to me hasContinue reading “Quiet time confessions”

Rest and an ebook

Last summer was hard, like running around not being able to breathe, kind of hard. I felt like I couldn’t catch my breath. It took me a while to realize I was running not just on empty but on crazy. I was so busy with to do list, goals and life changes that I didn’tContinue reading “Rest and an ebook”

Dear exhausted you

Dear you, I need you to breathe, to stop just for a few minutes and listen. Really listen. Not skimming the page looking for a 145 character quote, but really listen. Stop the spinning to do list because this is more important. You have been bouncing from busy to breaking for far too long. YourContinue reading “Dear exhausted you”