Favorite Things

Sometimes it’s hard to find a good (insert anything here!)

It could be a good coffee cup, a dress for my daughter, or make up that it’s full of toxic junk. There are so many things I’ve tried and hated. But there are others that I have tried, loved, sworn by, and will never go back! Here is a collection of a few of my favorites. I hope you love them too!

Tea Collection:

I love the Tea Collection line for kids! They have such great pieces and good prices. Plus, it’s cute and not covered in character pictures. I mean, I’m totally fine with a princess or a creeper on a shirt every once in a while. I love Tea Collection for there rang of world inspired items! I love getting to use a tee shirt or a dress to inspire a conversation about other cultures from around the globe!

Tea Collection Summer Favorites

Clove + Hallow

I never thought I would say I love a make-up product, but I LOVE this product! I’ve been on the hunt for years for a non toxic make up that sticks and is in a price point that makes sense for long term use! Voila! I found it in Clove + Hallow!
Their velvet lip gloss is my favorite and has taken the place of a very popular lip kit I used for years. Yup. It’s that good!

I promise I’ll be back with more items I love as I find them!

*some of these links are affiliate links. Which means I do get compensated when a purchase is made. All the love for the products is all mine and I did not get compensated for the review. I spent my own money to find the products I love and want to share that love with others!

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